Todays pinup


Busty lusty


Whatever Team Hybrid is, I want to be in the same team :)

Bike chick


Hot goody biker heaven.. no beer belly here. 

Todays pinup


Well this is such a great negligé. 

Hotrod pinup


Memory like a goldfish but I know I’ve had this one before but… well no buts needed really to have her over again isn’t.

Legs oh them legs


They just keep on going…

Todays pinup


Candyland overkill… :)

Sexy steamy punk


Steampunk fashion is definitely good and in a sexy package it’s just an added bonus.

Todays pinup


Hot little asian girl posing..

Corset selfie


That corset looks ready to pop anytime. 

Todays pinup


Oki, I’m so in the wrong local pub :)

I so need, want, crave this swimming pool

So did ever mention I want my lottery ticket to come through for me because I want this bugger of pool like right now…

On 6


Never thought about the number 6 until now. And a mere 6 years ago. A Frank Angle started August 28, 200. So congrats and for getting me think about the number six. Who knew.

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Image from

Image from

Six (6) is one of those numbers that we can associate with many things, so I didn’t intend to capture everything about it. Nonetheless, it’s a special number that I honor in this post, so feel free to add additional factoids about 6.

In Mathematics

  • 6 is a composite number, perfect number, Granville number, congruent number, discrete biprime number, unitary perfect number, harmonic divisor number, all-Harshad number, octahedral number, triangular number, and a superior highly composite number
  • 6 is the smallest positive integer which is neither a square number nor a prime number
  • 6 has proper divisors (1, 2 and 3) … and is divisible by itself
  • 6 equals the sum and the product of its proper divisors, which are three consecutive positive numbers (1, 2, 3)
  • A 6-sided polygon is a hexagon (including a cube) , but not all hexagons are a cube
  • There are 6…

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Fab Ciraolo


Have to reblog these artworks.

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Fab Ciraolo8

Fab Ciraolo12

Fab Ciraolo14

Fab Ciraolo7

Fab Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo13

Fab Ciraolo2

Fab Ciraolo11

Fab Ciraolo4

Fab Ciraolo1

Fab Ciraolo5

Fab Ciraolo15

Captura de pantalla 2014-08-28 a la(s) 19.33.24

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Buff girl


Who’s up for exercise?

Leadership by Example


If you ever have an urge for a spanking, head over here…

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“Please come here, Vanessa,” I said. “You should be congratulated for your willingness to sacrifice yourself on behalf of your fellow prefect.”

“It was nothing.” Vanessa eyed me suspiciously. “She’s a very good friend. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you a question.”

“Very well.” It was my turn to be suspicious now.

“I like your ideas on discipline.” Vanessa chose her words very carefully. “In particular, I fully agree with you on the importance of leadership by example.”

“I’m pleased to hear it,” I said. “It’s a very important principle.”

“So what happens if you make a mistake?” She peered at me closely. “Do you get punished as well?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Diana protested before I could respond. “You need to remember that you are talking to the headmistress.”

“Be quiet and stay in position,” I snapped. Although I didn’t exactly like the direction the prefect was…

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Am so reflecting on this photo… let me now drool in peace please ;)

Hot lips


Oki I miss MASH now… and for you unfortunate people who missed out on hot lips from mash, watch that series now. Best show ever to be honest.

Look up…


We are just so bloody tiny in the speck of the universe.

Todays curvy pinup


Nothing wrong with curves ladies…


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